Cyber Security Challenge to the World

Breach Challenge

Our original challenge to the world can be found here: Challenge
We are using our FortressTM product to protect the challenge server(s).

Breach Challenge Cumulative Challenge Score

We have had the breach technology deployed on other servers also under attack during the challenge, hence the 'Total Attacks on All Protected Servers' listed below. These statistics DO NOT include pings.

Start Date:03/06/17  
Elapsed Days: 1500   
Elapsed Days since Admin Password Released to World:
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Attacks on Challenge Server: 9,393,968
Total Attacks on All Protected Servers:align=right> 30,616,052   
Attacking Countries:184  
Total Server Breaches:0 Protection: FortressTM Info

Challenge Server Attack Logs

Each day's log of attacks against our server will be posted here. Each day's log is sanitized to protect the hackers during this challenge. Logs do not currently include web server attacks.

Year 2: Server Challenge with Admin Password Given Out - 04/07/18

After a year filled with millions of attempts from 184 countries to breach our challenge server, we decided to make it easier for the hackers to get in by giving out the administrator's password for the challenge server.

In case you missed it and want to take the challenge yourself:
Challenge Server's Admin Password: aAGFmwt7Pph8