Our Secure Hosting Environment


We use state-of-art security prevention and detection. Our security consists of multiple layers of defense for each server. All this is monitored 24x7 both automatically and in person. When we setup a new server it receives approximately 10,000 attacks A DAY at our first layer defenses the moment it goes into service!

Once our additional protections are in place, attacks drop to about 1 attack/MONTH! And that 1 attack DOES NOT GET THROUGH our defenses to your software or data.

We are constantly working so you can sleep. Rest easy with our secure1 hosting environment.


Visitors to websites are impatient. They'll leave your site if it takes too long to load. Studies suggest that for each 100 millisecond increase in load time you can expect sales to decrease by 1%. 100 millisecond ... that's one-tenth of a second!

We solve this by writing very fast software and putting it on extremely fast servers. As an example, our entire development team just moved from a server that clocked in at 330 Whetstones (a measurement of speed) while the server your secure web applications will run on clocks in at 45,000+ Whetstones. Additionally, we keep the speed high by limiting the number of clients whose secure web applications run on a single server.


Even though today's servers have a high rate of up-time, they do have components that fail, including hard drives. Why take a chance on your website and your customer or product data?

Data backup is critical. Backup is generally done to a server other than your website server as the odds are very, very small of both failing at the same time.

We offer several frequencies of backup with our various hosting plans. So when that rainy day comes, your website and data can be restored. Peace of mind is worth a lot!

Additionally all our secure servers have mirrored hard drives so, in the rare event of a failure, your secure web applications can be back online rapidly.


We can provide your personnel with email support to go along with your web applications. Each member of your staff can have an email account branded with your domain name (joe_smith@yourdomain.com) and available for access with an online web client. We can also interface your domain's emails to an existing or new Google Gmailtm account or route your emails to the email server of your choice.

1'Secure' is defined as industry best practices and a few of our own proprietary techniques in a multi-layered defense that is constantly monitored. However, absolute security against attackers with the resources of a nation-state is not guaranteed.