Online Help

Lower your training costs for your web application by including online help. Online help is custom made for your web application and appears as a popup over the page help was requested from. Graphics can be included along with annotations to visually direct the user to the exact portion of the application the help is for. Graphics can reduce the amount of time needed to understand the task. Online help is context sensitive, yet allows the user to browse additional topics through the table of contents or index, as shown in the sample below.

Writing and creating online help begins when the web application design is completed and proceeds in parallel with the coding of the web application.


Help comes in many forms!

In addition to or instead of online help, CWC can provide a user guide or reference manual customized to your web application. User guides and reference manuals are delivered in PDF format for 8.5" x 11" pages and can be made accessible through your web application for individual viewing or printing.

User Guide

A how-to manual that teaches the use of your web application through examples and many screen shots.

Reference Manual

A manual with menu choices listed alphabetically for ease in finding desired information.