The planning process is a conversion from the Design Document to specific tasks assigned to our staff. Once the tasks are determined, we are able to give you a timeline for completion of the web application. If your project is large, we will break the work into phases, so you can begin using some of the functionality sooner.


Wherever possible we make use of pre-built licensable software modules to speed development and cut your costs. Your requirements are compared with modules we already have constructed to determine which of them can be used for your application. We are constantly adding more modules to choose from. All our modules are "skin-able" so they will have your branding and logo on all the pages.

Once the pre-built modules are selected, all that's left is defining the custom module(s) needed to meet all your requirements. The part-pre-built-licensed-module and part-custom approach allows us to hold the line on customer costs, while still delivering an application customized to your exact specifications. This approach is also faster than building every piece from scratch.

During the planning phase we will also discuss data and who collects and enters the data necessary to the initial use of your system. The end result of planning is a detailed quote containing milestones with associated progress payments or a task plan for hourly work.