Testing Your Web Application

It's important that your web application does what it was designed to do! Your web application will be tested against the original requirements to see if they are met without errors. The web/mobile application design along with the database design are used to construct test details. We do the following types of testing on web applications we build:


Unit Testing - this is the testing the programmer does on a given "page" of your application to ensure that it is error free.

Integration Testing - the new unit or "page" is added to the whole and everything is checked to make sure it works together.

Security Testing - this is a type of testing unique to Secure Web Apps to provide you with secure software. It consists of three pieces:

    Code Review - Our security professionals review samples of the code written for your web application to confirm that it meets industry security standards as well as our security standards.
    External Penetration - The security tester(s) runs the typical hacking attempts against the software we develop to determine if there are any security loopholes.
    Internal Penetration - The security tester(s) are given a login to the software, like your employees/military personnel would have, and the tester attempts to hack the system from the inside.

System Testing - this is the final testing that we do on your web/mobile application to see that all the functionality promised is included and that is all works.

Acceptance Testing - this is testing by the client to see that the web application meets their requirements and is usually done within a limited timeframe. Completion of the acceptance testing and any corrections associated with this testing is how everyone knows the project is done.