Video Security Training


You may be wondering what Video Security Training has to do with secure web applications. There is no better medium to use in getting the message across, whether within the secure web application pages: to your personnel, a board of directors / review board, and/or clients or on a separate public website.

Duke Medicine Training Video

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Jim McQuaid

Director of Video Production

Jim brings a unique blend of experience and ability to video production.

From a Scholastic Writing Award in the 8th grade and continuing through short stories, technical manuals, love letters, product requirements documents, and film scripts, writing has always been an important tool for Jim. As a liberal arts graduate of the University of Michigan, Jim then earned the Master of Fine Arts degree in photography. As a high-tech marketing communications manager, he worked with photographers, ad agencies and the trade press across a spectrum of technologies including lab automation, measurement & control, semiconductors and microprocessors, protocol analysis, and network and application performance management.

Ten years ago Jim decided to return to filmmaking, his first love. With his artistic and technical background - and a willingness to make all the mistakes needed to learn - he soon mastered the ins and outs of digital video. In the last several years, Jim has assembled a loose-knit team of camera Jim on the set in action.operators, audio professionals, and on-camera talent to be called on as projects demand. Jim has shot footage for customers that appeared on the CBS Evening News, projects for critical training needs, and short films that have been seen in more than 15 countries around the world.

While these accomplishments may be important, Jim knows that without a clear objective, no cybersecurity training project is likely to be successful. He never loses sight of the business and organizational goals you need to accomplish. Those goals are the starting point of any discussion of video production.

These are stills taken from various videos Jim has produced.

This is a short piece Jim created for educational consultant Virginia S. Lee. Jim assisted with the script, suggested the concept of using an audience, helped recruit that audience, managed a rehearsal session, and shot the piece using two cameras.